Page 4 Script
Keeping this page simple: Just two panels! The first one is just Nancy, the second is just Danny. Nancy walks in on Danny & catches him reading, but draw it like she just caught him (you know what). He should be no less surprised to be interrupted than if he actually was.

Nancy: WHAT are you READING?

Danny slams the book shut and grasps it to his chest. He should be almost unrecognizable from the fun kid that Neil hangs out with in Chapter 1, at least in terms of demeanor, all the life should just be scared out of him.

Danny: Mom!!

(The last panel of page 3 has a description of Danny’s room, it is this):
His room should have stuff in it, but be sparsely decorated. No posters or anything like a normal kid would have. Probably a cross on the wall somewhere, some framed photos or religious art would work too, but nothing of his choosing. His door is shut most of the way.

This is what I wrote for Jonathan way back when, except cleaned up, since I never thought I’d be sharing the script with anyone besides Jonathan & Greg. It’s one of a lot of pages that got changed around during the drawing process. Jonathan said he was having trouble with the page, so he sent a couple thumbs of different layouts to us & went for it. We learned pretty quickly how to politely critique each other & accept criticism- working alone it’s easy to have an attitude of “I know how to do it!” but collaborating opens you up quickly to the parts of your writing or art that need improvement. Also, having two editors to back up the other person’s opinion never hurts.