Oh, adolescence! What a cruel time! The awkwardness! The embarrassment! If it wasn’t hard enough having your body go through massive changes and your hormones ruling your every thought you also have to worry about your parents being total creeps walking in on your in your room while you’re trying to have some privacy and, you know, read some books!


Something that was both awesome and horrible at the same time about drawing a book about being a teenager was reliving some of these incredibly awkward moments that happen when you’re a teenager. I think the great thing about Americus, and most other coming of age stories, is that there are so many moments and feelings that people can relate to.

I don’t think my mom ever walked into my room and busted me for anything, but if you’ll allow me to digress, I’ll share an anecdote.

I was visiting her on my summer break from college one year and I was watching TV while she was in the next room working on her computer. This commercial [or a similar commercial for the same brand] came on:

She quickly came storming into the living room, much like Nancy did in the previous page demanding to know what I was watching. I remember not being able to tell if she was relieved or confused that it was just a shampoo commercial.

[Side note: I'm a big nerd, so I can't help doing this - Did anyone else notice that the actor in that commercial was Tony Hale, most easily recognizable to me as Buster from Arrested Development?]