Hello, my name is Greg and I am today’s guest blogger here at Save Apathea. Besides being one of the editors of Americus, I’m also a librarian having worked in public libraries in four states and the District of Columbia over the last 15 years. As such, it fell on me to be the unofficial story advisor to all things library related in this 200 page graphic novel. Most of it was figuring out small things, like how many holds a book like Apathea Ravenchilde would have, or what a library board would talk about when not debating censorship issues. The scene that’s unfolding right now was a tricky one. Librarians pride themselves on their professionalism but sometimes it’s difficult to remain cool in the face of such an abusive patron. That said, MK and Jonathan have created one awesome youth services librarian in Charlotte Murphy. Over the next few chapters, her role as one of the heroes of this book will only increase (as will the number of real world book lovers who develop crushes on her). She’s pretty amazing.

One area of librarianship that MK didn’t need my help with was book banning. As she was working on this script, she was also doing exhaustive research into the history of censorship in America, as well as, new threats to challenged books. She gave me quite an education on the subject.

Though MK was very open to input from me about the workings of a library, there were somethings I couldn’t talk her out of because of their importance to the story. One of those situations is in chapter one (page six) when Charlotte is reading the new Ravenchilde book at the circulation desk. This would almost never happen at a real library, mostly because librarians don’t have time to read on the job, but also because it’s considered bad form. MK argued that this was a rare exception because the debut of a book as beloved as Apathea was beyond Charlotte’s ability to resist. So it was left in.

Note to all readers, librarians or not. Do not miss Monday’s update to this site. Things get CRAZY between Nancy and Charlotte! It’s giving me chills just thinking about it.

Thanks for reading. See you next time,