Hello everyone. My name is Jason Rainey, and I will be your guest blogger for today. I’m a friend and studio-mate of Jonathan’s, and have seen this comic progress bit by bit over the past couple of years. I’ve also made occasional, small art assists on the work, such as toning a few of the pages for the Apathea Ravenchilde sequences.

In July, I drew some short comics inspired by news of the Westboro Baptist Church’s planned protest of the San Diego Comic-Con, and MK thought they might be of interest to readers of this site. While this wasn’t a case of book banning like the ones that inspired Americus, it is a situation of fundamentalism rallying against the arts and popular culture (A conflict which is hinted at on this very page! If I may editorialize for a moment… Nancy is really creeping me out here, man…)

The following is crossposted from the brownpaperbag art blog:

Last week, I heard that the Westboro Baptist Church was planning to hold a protest at the San Diego Comic Con.  Apparently reading comics is synonymous with “idol worship” to these guys.

This line from their announcement caught my attention:

“If these people would spend even some of the energy that they spend on these comic books, reading the Bible…”

My first thought is that they would nitpick and argue about the Bible the same way they do about comics.  Who wrote the best Gospel, which apostle could beat up which apostle in a fight… that sort of thing.  This line of thinking lead to a few of ideas for comics in this vein.   Below are the couple that I was able to get done.  Behold, the horror of the nerd brain…

If you haven’t already heard about how the protest went down, it was actually kind of boring. Only 4 people from the WBC showed up and didn’t stay for long (though there was a sizable counter-protest held by convention attendees). I’m sure that the eventual showdown in Americus will be much more exciting. [MK: shhhhhhhhh!]

Thanks for reading, and thanks to MK and Jonathan for having me here at Save Apathea.