Hey there!  This is Jonathan’s gay friend Adam giving my gay perspective on these last few that he drew.

Every time I read a young adult novel that has a gay (or lesbian or bisexual or transgender or any other of those things that GLBTQ can stand for) character in it, I get a little more happy to be alive in 2010.  And I read a lot of young adult books.  And I seem to be getting happier to be alive all the time.

Queer characters are popping up everywhere in young adult books lately.  Sometimes they are the main character, like in Nick Burd’s The Vast Fields of Ordinary.  Other times they’re the comic relief best friend you always wish you had, like in John Green and David Levithan’s Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  Often their coming out is a major plot point of the book as in A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend by Emily Horner.  But, sometimes their sexual identity is a given from the first page as it is in Peter Cameron’s Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You.

For many queer (or straight) kids, especially ones who are growing up, as I did,  in a small town, their public library may be the only place where they can find books in which they can see themselves.  And the more books with positive queer role models, the better.

Your gay guest blogger,

Adam Possehl is a member of the kid’s book team and expert of YA book at Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon.