Today I’m speaking at the 96th St Library in NYC @ 4pm with Nina Malkin about Americus, banned books, and all that fun stuff we like talking about here. Exciting!

So we have these books to give away this week, and practically no one to give them to! They are excellent books, too! A Wrinkle In Time, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Annie On My Mind, The Goats, and Blankets. (We link to Powell’s as they employ one half of Team Americus.) What do all these books have in common? Dudes, can you not guess it already?

We would like to give these books to you nice people who read our comic! So leave us a comment on what you think of the story so far, what you think of the interviews we’ve been doing this week, or a library-related and awesome link you want to share with everybody. We’ll pick the winners this weekend from the commenters.