I might be jumping the gun a little bit, but here’s a question for all of our readers – when did you start listening to music? What was the first band you got into? How did you get into them?

The first band I really, really fell in love with what They Might Be Giants. I know, I know – what a nerd cliche, right? It’s even worse than that – I wasn’t introduced to good music by a cooler, older teenager like Devin. I was introduced to my first favorite band by after-school cartoon programing!

The cartoon was Tiny Toons. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, this is the description from wikipedia:

“Tiny Toon Adventures was a cartoon set in the fictional city of Acme Acres, where most of the Tiny Toons and Looney Tunes characters live. The characters attended Acme Looniversity, a school whose faculty primarily consists of the mainstays of the classic Warner Bros. cartoons, such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat and Elmer Fudd. In the series, the university was founded to teach cartoon characters how to become funny. The school is not featured in every episode, as not all of its storylines are school-centric.”

There was one episode that was basically Tiny Toon music videos for different songs. If I remember correctly, they featured a lot of classic, popular rock songs like “Money”, “Yakkety Yak”, etc. There were two songs that I hadn’t heard before – “Particle Man”, and “Istanbul”. Of course, I didn’t know the names of the songs then because I never watched the credits of shows and had no way to find them.

I talked with my friends about it and we all loved it, but couldn’t figure out how to track them down. To make a long story short, there was this super nerdy kid in our class that had all the albums on tape [If you're interested, it was Flood, Apollo 18, and then a single that had Spy & the Sun song on there]. He dubbed them for me when I hung out at his house and I, in turn, dubbed them for all of my friends.

I’m pretty sure I listened to those tapes so much they wore down in a matter of a year or so.

Anyhow, I managed to track down “Istanbul” on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

And if you’re interested, there’s a pretty good documentary on They Might Be Giants called, Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns. It has loads and loads of famous nerdy people talking about how they fell in love with They Might Be Giants. Like a lot of documentaries on bands, a lot of it is a fluff piece, but there are a lot of pretty cool interviews in there. My favorite is Frank Black, who is driving around in a creepy van wearing a sleeveless t-shirt talking about how the first time he heard them he hated them, but how it was the only tape he had in the car, so he kept listening to it and then how one moment it suddenly came to him how awesome they were.

If you feel like posting, I’d love to hear your stories about how you got into music.

Also: We are not liars! We’re still doing book giveaways for Banned Book Week, it’s just that things have been pretty hectic the last couple of weeks. NYCC was last weekend, MK has been under the weather, and I’ve been working on the last bit of the editing & toning for Americus. We’ll try to figure it out and announce the winners ASAP. Stay tuned!