Happy Friday!

Here’s a piece on “those damn anime kids.” It’s somehow comforting to know that even stodgy old teachers and comic book store employees can agree on some things, although as one of the latter, it was more an issue of having to monitor all these kids sitting on the floor in a small, crowded store and don’t they like, have parents or just some other place to be and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD why is there Naruto fingerless glove packaging on the floor right where that group of five teen boys was just whispering to each other and glancing at us by the register, they are robbing us blind for fake magical powers and would they just SHUT UP about Pocky already! UGH.

I suspect with teaching, it is also not really the manga itself that is the problem.

Monday! We sort out the books from Banned Books Week, so that next Friday we can give away another book, but faster.