So besides freelancing, I work a day job at Powell’s City of Books. As far as a day job goes, it’s pretty awesome. I’m around books all the time and I run the sections of books that I work in professionally, so I get to geek out and share that knowledge with all the people that come through.

Part of the job is making what we call ‘shelf-talkers’. They’re basically little signs that stick out in front of books that we want to draw attention to for reasons like the books is awesome or the books is on sale, etc. This is always a fun project because it’s an excuse for me to draw at work, and also because I don’t have a computer to fix the type or the drawing if I make any mistakes – it’s just me & my brushpen. Anyhow, I think it’s really good a good exercise for me to be working with that in mind, but also to be trying to come up with a fun illustration that gets the concept of the book across.

Here are some from the last six months or so. If you are interested in seeing ones that I have done from way back when I started doing them and seeing a very obvious progression in my drawing, design & execution of shelf talkers, you can check out a post I made on the brownpaperbag blog [the website I share with Jason Rainey] a year or so ago.

Ha ha! Notice how there’s a book on fire in the last one! Probably not the best choice coming from a guy who illustrated a book on book banning. Oops.