To celebrate the end of the chapter and all the music goodness that has been going on, I drew up these downloadable templates that you can print out and use when you make people mix CDs.

Not to sound like an old fogey, but do young ‘uns make people mix tapes/CDs anymore? Or do they just forward playlists on their iPhones or iPads or what not? [I'm kidding! I think. I don't really know...]

The first one is all punk-rock-lovey-dovey because after thinking about it, like 95% of the mix CDs I’ve made have been for people that I have had some level of crush on, and I imagine that might be the case with most people. The image itself is actually a redux of a t-shirt design I had from a couple of years ago.

Download the .pdf

And the next one is more Americus themed, which hopefully isn’t so specific to that you wouldn’t want to use it in general. The original concept I had was a take on the NYCC Comic-Con poster I did, but instead of Neil holding the book & Apathea holding her staff, they were air guitaring back to back. I thought it was a hilarious image, but I just couldn’t get it to work.

Download the .pdf

[Note: The files were uploaded to my website because I've found our host, Media Temple, difficult to work with & doing something as simple as creating a folder like 'downloads' and then uploading the images for people to download isn't as easy as it should be... Just in case you were wondering why the download links go to a directory.]

Download them! Print them out! Make mixes & give them to people!

Chapter 4 coming up on Friday. Be there!