There are lots of tiny little easter eggs hidden throughout Americus, though some of them are so esoteric that most people won’t be able to pick up on them. Anyhow, there’s a nice little one on this page [and the previous page] that shouldn’t be too hard – can anyone spot it?

The first one to leave a comment with the correct answer will get some goodies in the mail. [The goodies are a surprise, but I will spoil it once someone gets the answer right.]

One more thing! My good friends Jason Rainey & Jeremy Massie just launched the start of serializing their comic, the Amateurs, online. It’s a lot different than Americus, and even though it’s about the ‘s’ word that is kind of taboo in certain comics circles, I can guarantee that it will be awesome.

New pages will show up every Tuesday & Thursday. [Psst. You can read it while you wait for new Americus pages.] Check it out at