This is the script to this page. By this point, I’d stopped making thumbs for Jonathan, because he was clearly able to come up with better solutions to certain things than I could.

Page Eleven
Some kind of lizard man emerges from the cave. Give him a big f-ing axe!

Lizard Man: Soon you will be nothing, puny human!

Lizard Man: Elberon is no place for mortal men!

Apathea basically just waves her hand in front of her & murmurs a spell to kill lizard man. If you can make her look bored, bonus!

Apathea: Avara ampua.

(Fun Fact: This means “large fire” in Finnish!)
(Fun Fact! Finnish is now the language of magic.)

It turns out that Tolkien’s Elvish is based on Finnish & Welsh, so although I didn’t know it at the time, Finnish is actually only one half the language of magic.