Tiny Monty Python reference in there…

So for this, our last week of the year, Jonathan & I have decided to post some of our favorite books of 2010. One of my favorite comics was by a recent SCAD grad (Jonathan’s alma mater), Brooke Allen’s A Home For Mr Easter. It’s really imaginative and there are all kinds of bunnies and unicorns, which would normally not be my thing, but it is just that good.

Also really happy to see Raina Telgemeier’s Smile finally come out after years and years and years, the last Scott Pilgrim volume and the movie, the new volume of King City in issues, Walking Dead, and just in the past two weeks, a new Yotsuba.

Since I got it as a gift yesterday and me & my boyfriend read the whole thing each in one sitting, I can safety add the coolest non-comic/regular word book Judith Schalansky’s Atlas of Remote Islands. It”s a really beautiful and interesting book to have laying around, if you are into weird trivia, history, and maps.