Here’s some more Finnish spoken magic! Speaking of Finnish – It’s a little late, but did anyone else see Rare Exports? The holidays have come and gone, but this movie is a Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Here’s the trailer:

Check it out if you get the chance. It’s worth it.

And in Americus related news, we finally have a release date! Mark your calendar folks: August 30th, 2011!

There is even a page for it up on Amazon [though there's not really anything there at the moment]. Check it out, here. There’s a page on the Powell’s website, too, but there’s even less information. I think Gina is going to get working on getting some more information on the Amazon page when she gets the chance.

Anyhow, we just started shooting around e-mails about some readings and appearances, which is super, super exciting. We’ll keep let you know when we have concrete plans! Hope everyone is having a good 2011!