This page is another example of things not quite working out the first time, and having to go back to get them right.

Here’s the original page that I drew:

The problem with this was in the staging – Ellie is walking away, right into where the library committee is sitting. She should be walking the other way. A problem that I caught was that I felt like there needed to be needed another beat between panel six and the last panel. It seemed like a jump to go from this serious moment with Ellie and Neil to the conversation in the last panel. The biggest issue with this was that I needed to add another panel on a tier that was already full. This was pretty easily fixed with some Photoshopping, the result of which you can see in the finished page above.

It actually worked out and corrected another staging issue in that last panel anyway. In the original page, the pro-Apathea crowd was too far to the right. They needed to be moved over to the left.