I finally got a final date – I will talking about comics & storytelling at the Washington School of Deaf on February 11th. I will also be running a online silent auction to raise some money for the school to buy some graphic novels in March or April. The details on that still need to be worked out, but I’ll probably have a call for entries posted next week.

Anyhow, I probably should have posted this on Friday during the discussion Neil had with his mom about animal shirts, but I managed to dig up a really old picture of me wearing an animal shirt. In fact, it’s super-duper hard to tell [ impossible, really, because you never really get to see a close up of it] but Neil is actually wearing this same shirt during the board meeting in the library at the beginning of the chapter.

Anyone else want to share embarrassing pictures of themselves in animal shirts as a kid? I’ll make it a contest for a $10 gift card to Powell’s.