Colleen AF Venable, our esteemed graphic designer, has an interview up at thatcovergirl. She talks about her history with design and her process for designing covers, with a mention of Americus around the middle of the interview [and I get a record for most amount of thumbnails turned out for a single book!].

Anyhow, since it’s up in the interview, I thought that I would go ahead and share the images for the cover with you guys. I imagine that these aren’t final, but are pretty close.

Here’s the front cover:

And here’s the back [sans copy]:

Over the next couple of posts, I’ll be sharing the thumbnails and sketches so you guys can see how we ended up landing where we did.

Oh, and before I leave, I would like to point out that this is the first page of chapter 6, and that I am really excited for it to be up for people to read. This chapter was what I was looking forward to drawing ever since I first signed up for the project.