All right! Sorry for the delay on this. I totally spaced and have had a bunch of other stuff going on. Anyhow, I did a lot of thumbnails. Like a lot, a lot. I think that Colleen even made some joke about me setting a record for thumbnails turned in to her. Here are all of the ones that I sent in.

These didn’t get all turned in at once and these aren’t even all of them because MK turned in a batch, too. The set at the top was what I originally turned in, and if I remember correctly, MK and I both voted for the one with Apathea and the censored bar over her face with the cover, but the people at First Second pointed out that it didn’t really work, as the character of Apathea isn’t really well known, which we could understand. The rest of the batches were results of us all going back and forth and shooting ideas around and trying to find something that MK, myself, the editors, graphics and the folks in marketing were happy with. It was a pretty long back and forth.

Anyhow, which ones do you folks like? Any of them really stick out to you?