This post from Rebecca Sugar, a young writer/animator on Adventure Time, made me really happy this week:

In the original outline, the joke was that Finn put on the glasses… and in becoming smart he also became incredibly boring. Jake and Bubblegum didn’t like him anymore because he was so boring… and they begged him to take the glasses off so that he could be cool again.

I think it’s socially irresponsible to make a story about how if you’re smart everyone will hate you, and if you’re not everyone will love you. There’s so much of that on television already. It’s dangerous to keep telling generations of kids that it’s not ok to be smart! And it’s insidious… as we’ve gained more access to information, we’ve been told to ignore it by the people that benefit most from public ignorance!

So Adam and I decided to have Finn become totally transcendent… and I wanted to make sure that in the end, his smart self was right about everything.