We are well over a hundred pages into Americus now, and the story is starting to pick up steam. The fight against the book banners and Neil’s struggles with his new high school really take off in the coming chapters. Are you hooked? Are you itching to read more from MK to fill in the gaps between the tri-weekly updates? Well, let me tell you about Cross Country.

Cross Country is a graphic novel written and drawn by MK just before the creation of Americus (with some overlap), and I think it’s a bit of a masterpiece. As opposed to her previous work, as well as Americus, Cross Country is not about teenagers, but rather follows the life of twenty-five year old Ben Spooner as he embarks on the worst job of his life. He’s spending the summer driving cross country with his obnoxious meathead boss Greg (!), as they travel from one small town to another. Ben has to spend nearly every waking moment with his boss as he endures endless tales of his fratboy days and has to clean up after Greg’s ill advised one night stands. It’s a hilarious story full of MK’s usual dry wit, great dialog, and deeply flawed characters. I highly recommend it. If you’re enjoying Americus you should really pick up a copy of Cross Country. You can order it from our friends at Microcosm: http://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/zines/2915/

Cross Country was one of the first things I read from MK, and was one of the main reasons I wanted to work with her on Americus. The opening page of the book reads, “Have I told you how much I hate Greg?” but it predates our friendship and she insists that he’s not based on me. Later, when she signed my copy of the book she include this inscription,

“Greg is not named after you, even if you dress alike and are both total players.”