The Stumptown comics fest was last weekend, and although I was only there for a couple hours to say hi to some people and give my lecture on Pacing & Rhythm, I had a really, really fun time.

Anyhow, one of the pluses was seeing the much anticipated Dragons! Comics & Activities For Kids in print! It’s a free, dragon themed activity book with contributions from lots of awesome artists & writers like Kazimir Strzepek, Aaron Renier, Nate Beaty, Alec Longstreth, and much, much more!

Mk & I contributed an Apathea themed mad lib! I think Greg & Alec are giving them out to young ‘uns during the convention season this year, so make sure to swing by the Tugboat Press’ table if you’re hitting up any cons and pick one up!

I actually like the earlier version of the illustration I did better, but Greg had to remind me that it was for kids and also I didn’t leave any room for people to fill things out in the mad lib. Anyhow, if you’re interested, here’s that version: