So this was a real thing that actually happened in Oklahoma: The Smut Mobile.

“The next censorship action to bring national attention to the state occurred in 1959 when the Citizens for Decent Literature was organized in Oklahoma City. They joined forces with the Mothers United for Decency in a campaign to purge all newsstands of indecent material. Again, public attention focused on Oklahoma, because they created a very visible and active “smut mobile,” a vehicle that carried club members to various shopping centers and supermarkets to demand the removal of any book or magazine that they believed might contain “smut.” At the organization’s meetings, “obscene pornographic” material was projected on a screen in order to give graphic examples of what needed to be purged from public display. Those who were “under age” were directed to leave the room, and only “adults” could view the material.”

The things you find when you google “Oklahoma” and “Censorship” !