I just wanted to take the time to welcome any new readers who might’ve seen us from the awesome little write-up io9 gave us! You’ve joined us just when things are really starting to hit the fan.

Lately MK and I have started to get some of the promotional questionnaires for when the book comes out. I can tell you this already… I think by the end of all of this in like a year or so, we’re both going to be so sick of answering the question of ‘Describe to us your collaboration process’. Ha ha.

Also, I finally got my AR copy of the book!

And one last funny story for the road: I sold a copy of The Hunger Games to a teenage girl the other day, and we were talking about how they’re making a movie and I told her that I didn’t want it to suck. She then proceeded to give me crap and tell me that she heard that they’re making Katniss really prissy and that instead of a bow and arrow, she was going to have a basket to pick flowers and that she was going to be wearing a dress with flowers on it, etc, etc… I think you kind of had to be there, but the two thoughts I had were 1.] it was awesome that this girl was BSing a stranger with such enthusiasm 2.] teenage girls are mean.

My comeback was that Jennifer Lawrence is going to be a great Katniss if she acts half as well as she did in Winter’s Bone. She said she hadn’t seen that movie and I told her it’s probably because she can’t see R rated movies by herself.


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