Alright, I’m going to change gears here a little bit. Yesterday was the summer solstice and all, so that means it’s like, *officially* summer, right?

What’s everyone doing, besides obviously counting down until Americus comes out at the end of August? Got summer vacations planned? Summer reading?

Here’s what’s on my plate this summer if I have any time between working, getting new projects done for SPX, and reprinting old stuff.

Summer Reading:

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens. My girlfriend read this book awhile ago and loved, loved, loved it. She didn’t tell me much about it except that after I finished The Hunger Games that I should give it a read.

People’s History of Sports by Dave Zirin. I first heard Dave Zirin speak at Powell’s a couple of years ago by accident. He’s kind of amazing. I don’t want to waste too much time talking about him, but I think this sums him up pretty well: He’s the first sports writers in the 150 year existence of The Nation magazine. Anyhow, I started this book a long time ago and didn’t get very far because .

My track record for the amount of time it takes me to read non-fiction vs. fiction books isn’t so good, no matter how interested I am in the subject matter or how great the writers is. I should probably make myself read A People’s History of Sports first because it might take me all summer, and then The Emerald Atlas can be my YA chaser.

Summer Video Games:

Although it’s true that you should be outside being all healthy and active, I won’t let it deter me! Sometimes you’re up late or you just want to veg out after work or whatever and video games are the best prescription for mindless time-wasting! Anyhow, I totally was dorkgasming all over myself with the new video of Skyward Sword that was released at E3 this year. Unfortunately, it’s not coming out until Christmas time! This means it will most likely getting pushed back until April like most of the holiday video games do.

Anyhow, I decided that I want to play the previous 4 non-Game Boy games again before it comes out. That means that first up this summer is Ocarina of Time on my dusty old N64! Whoo-hoo!

Outdoor activities:

Despite what you might think about my enthusiasm for being a bum, we’re so deprived of sun here in Portland, the two months it is out you just have to get outside and enjoy it.

I’m moving out of downtown, which is a perfect catalyst to dust off my bike and ride like a maniac everywhere.  My good friend Meg has been doing a Couch to 3K routine that she’s digging pretty well too, so Jen and I might try that too.

And maybe, just maybe, the rain with stop and our schedules will work out so that Jason and I will be able to play some basketball. Though I’m still afraid that it’s going to end up like Petey’s recent foray into sports.