EDIT: I totally wrote this post for Friday’s page, meaning to write it for today. I realized it when I got up this morning and just copied pasted it. Sorry!

This is jumping the gun a little bit, but there will be a book release reading/gallery opening for Americus at Powell’s City of Books here in Portland on Thursday, September 1st. Anyhow, along with all the other stuff I need to get done over the summer, I need to figure out which pages to put up for the show. I know having an art show of comics pages is kind of silly because a.] it’s meant to be read in print and not hung up on the wall, and b.] a lot of the times I’ve done corrections on the pages digitally, so the originals on some of the pages might not be complete.

Despite all of that, I think it’s still fun to see the original pages, or at least I know that I still like to see other people’s originals. So the question I have is ‘Which pages do I put up?’

Does anyone reading have any favorite 2-3 page sequences that they might like to suggest for me to put up in the gallery? I think there’s room for about 15 pages. I also realize that there’s still a whole chapter left, but I’d love any feedback.

Oh, one last thing: I finally got the glass for my light table! And I got a new stool so I can sit comfortably too! Yay! Anyhow, here’s a picture, though the quality is kind of crappy.

Now I don’t have any excuses not to be drawing! I need to start chipping away at our SPX project…