Blah, been writing a piece on the Beat all night, but if you have been thinking about getting a copy of Americus, you can get the book from A m a z o n and it’s way cheap, but I’m not going to link from them because I kinda think they’re totally evil because thousands of people have lost their jobs, including me, just by them cutting the price of a fancy coffee from the cost of a book. Or you can get the book from Powells where Jonathan works, and it’s like $3 more but the money might keep his job or the job of some of the other great folks there some day. Or you can get it at your local comic shop, which will keep the money in your community and support your local economy and the sales tax you get charged goes towards paying a teacher or something nice like that. One of those things would be awesome if you can afford to buy the book right now. Or you can get it from your library, or ask you library to get a copy for the people in your town, and lots of people in your community will get to read it.

We’re two crazy kids in love with comics, and we’ve got lots of stories ahead of us! So please, help us get off to a good start here, and even if all you do is just tell someone else about this fun little book you read on the internets, we appreciate it. Thanks folks.

(Also, you can read about some Americus related events at Powells on the book’s page!)