Here’s another little spoiler from the SPX project that MK and I have been working on. This is gives a little more insight into Apathea’s companion, Selke.

Oh, and if you remember a couple of weeks back I asked some people for suggestions for what pages to put up for the gallery show at the Basil Hallward gallery at Powell’s in September. After thinking it over a bit and talking to the gallery curator, since there’s space, I’m going to put all of the pages up! This is mainly because I think it will look cool to see the entirety of the original art up on the wall as one giant piece, but also because I was having a hard time deciding. All the pages will be for sale, too. The pages that I used computer shortcuts to finish will be a little cheaper than the ‘finished’ pages. Some of the pages that are really badass, like Apathea schooling Grimhilder will be priced a little higher.

I’m going to try to price them reasonably, so if there have been any pages that you’ve become particularly fond of and would like to own, keep checking back for updates.