First off – we got a mention at the Huffington Post!

The only bummer is that I think they were under the impression that you could still read Americus online here. So if you got sent to Save Apathea from there, I apologize – you just missed the party. The plus side is that the book is out and you can pick up an actual, real copy!

Okay, so most of the pieces are in place for the new version of the website. There are a lot of little details that I’m going to be ironing out, and a lot of the pages don’t have much content in them yet, but I’ll be resolving that over the next week or so. I mainly just wanted to get the website in working order so that if we can scramble anything together for Banned Book Week, it will look nice.

And yes, SPX was over a week ago, and MK and I had a great time. We’ll be writing a quick recap soon – cross my heart and kiss my elbow.

Oh, and if you see anything that looks weird on the website, please let me know so I can fix it!

EDIT: The ARCHIVES and PRESS sections are updated with content!