So Banned Book Week is here. We didn’t quite have any time to get as much together as we did last year, but we do have some things going on. First off, I’ve fixed the copy a little bit and made the poster we did for last year’s NYCC available for download.

You can download the file here. Put it up in your school and in your library and champion banned books!

MK and I are also doing a joint reading for the Banned Book Week Virtual Readout. We read one of our favorite scenes from the Hunger Games.

And if you’re in Portland, I’m participating in a Banned Book Reading hosted by the ACLU at Powell’s this Sunday at 7:30. You can find more information on the calendar page of Powell’s website.I’ll be reading a little excerpt from Americus, complete with different voices for all the characters! [I can't wait to read Nancy's dialogue]

If you’re in New York, MK’s participating in WORD’s Banned Book Literary Karaoke on Thursday the 29th. More details here.

And even though we didn’t have time to do anything super fancy this year for Banned Book Week, if you weren’t reading Americus on Save Apathea last year during Banned Book Week, you might have missed out some of the interviews and essays we had on the website. You can check them out at the Archives section of the webpage!

And check in towards the end of the week when we’ll have some contests and a chance to win a copy of Americus and maybe some other Banned Book Week goodies!