Photoshoppery courtesy of Jason Rainey

MK and I are having a nerd-of-all-nerds contest!

Like every other nerd with a PC, Xbox or PS3, I’ve been playing a lot more Skyrim the last couple weeks than I’d like to admit. About 15 hours into the game, I thought about how I should’ve tried to make my character Apathea Ravenchilde. [Instead, I defaulted to great and honorable Turd the Conqueror] Anyhow it’s wayyyy too late to go back, make an Apathea character and start over. I know, I know – I could just make a character to see how close I could get it, but I’m so OCD with the character creation that at that point, I would’ve spent so much time making her character, I would feel compelled to start playing through again from the beginning.

Anyhow, here’s where the contest comes in: We want you to make the best Apathea Ravenchilde you can in Skyrim! The winner will get a hardcover copy of Americus, a copy of the Lorian Gendarme Guidebook for Adventuring Standards, and a page of original art from an Apathea scene from Americus!

Here’s the specifics:

• Go ahead and start a game up of Skyrim and in the character creation, make your character as close as you can to resemble Apathea Ravenchilde. [If it helps to know: Although you can't really tell at all, the original inspiration for Apathea's character design was Neko Case.]

• Take some screen shots and e-mail them to myself or MK.

• I don’t expect anyone to actually play through the game as Apathea, but go ahead and mention which skills you would have her gain proficiency in and what types of weapons/apparel you would deck her out in. SERIOUS bonus prizes if anyone actually plays through as Apathea to like level 20 and sends screenshots of actually decked out with the weapons, gear, and skill stats.

Deadline is Friday, December 16th. This gives us time to look them over during the weekend and then announce the winner and mail stuff out the following Monday to maybe get to the winner before Christmas.

What are you waiting for?! Get to it! Go play some video games to win some comics and art!