The Apathea in Skyrim contest is over, and I would like to announce Andy Krueger of Carver, MN the winner! I crown him Arch High-nerd of Lorian!

Here are Andy’s screenshots he sent me:

He even took the time to play up to level 18! As the bonus prize for going the extra mile, he’s getting a handful of original art from the Lorian Gendarme Guidebook!

He didn’t stop there! Andy also went the extra mile and recreated this scene from the end of the book! He’s also getting the original page for this scene!

You can read Andy’s full post over on his blog, here. He pretty much nailed Apathea in her stats, weapons, and perks. I also like that it got him to play Skyrim in a different way. It’s inspired me to try to give it a go. Maybe I’ll make a liskot character and run around in my underwear and a giant battle axe!

Yay! for playing video games, comics, and books from the library!