Apathea RavenchildeApathea Ravenchilde is the protector of the Islands of Loria, one of a long line of sorcerers who hunt evil creatures and keep the islands safe from monsters and tyrants. Apathea’s exciting adventures have become the most popular YA fantasy series of the decade!

Books in the series The Chronicles of Apathea Ravenchilde, The Huntress Wytch by Cleo Chambers
Book 1: The Beast of Glyn Ehllyn
Book 2: The Perils of Mount Havoc
Book 3: The Elf Lords of Loria
Book 4: The Rising Treachery
Book 5: A Righteous Wind
Book 6: The Battle of the Tyr
Book 7: The Curse of the Elders
Book 8: The Prophecies of Soren
Book 9: (TBA)
The Histories of Loria
The Ravenchilde Codex